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Flexible laminate SPC 403-4

Flexible laminate SPC 403-4
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Flexible laminate SPC 403-4
SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) Vinil Flooring 43rd class. Vinyl laminate 4 mm thick with DropLock, made using the latest, environmentally friendly materials and modern technology. It consists of a vinyl base, on which a decor-textured film is applied, and a protective layer. 100% waterproof coating. SPC laminate can be used in any room. A great choice for shops, restaurants, offices, kitchens, corridors, bathrooms. Ideal for underfloor heating. Advantages of a waterproof class 43 laminate. Easy to install. Vinyl laminate is difficult to compare with a traditional laminate, because the latter will hopelessly lose in almost all basic ways. Therefore, it is worth highlighting only the main advantages of vinyl coatings: Absolute water resistance. Even if you place the panel completely in water and hold it there for several years, no harm will be done to the material. That is why the laying of a laminate of this type is allowed in any wet rooms and outdoor conditions. High strength. Compliance with the 43rd wear resistance class says a lot - these are strong, reliable and durable panels that can withstand severe dynamic (when used in commercial and public areas) and static loads (heavy furniture, equipment, etc.). Universality of operation. Vinyl laminate can be used anywhere and anytime, starting from the bedrooms and living rooms of city apartments, ending with terraces and porches of suburban areas. It can also be used to finish walls, ceilings and other surfaces, if necessary. Easy to clean. Washing these floors is not a hassle - everything can be handled with a simple wet cleaning. You can wash the laminate at least several times a day. The only limitation is the non-use of abrasive detergents, plastic and metal brushes for cleaning.
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